Right Nutrition For Your Children’s Health

Obviously having children is the most beautiful gift anyone can have but taking care of them is a full time job. And quite naturally, one wouldn’t mind such a beautiful job provided you are adept with it. A healthy child grows up with a healthy and nutritious diet and that is something that you can control. But unfortunately, this is one issue many parents face: the right nutrition for my child! While results reveal that kids consume 25% of their calories from junk food, your kid might one of them. French fries, soft drinks, cookies, hotdogs and sweets are something all children love and are often addicted to it but is it the right food for your child?

Sensing the need of the hour, i.e. to educate every parent of their child’s nutrition, globalpediatrician.com is on a wide spread mission to spread its tentacle across the globe, reach out to all parents and educate them about kids and health. There is after all no harm is having an expert advice online from experts across the globe, even if your child is completely alright.

Children’s Diet Today

Childrens health these days witnesses a decline in resistance and immunity predominantly owing to their diet. The junk food they crave for and are addicted to is only spoiling their internal immunity and wellness. This ultimately leads to grave concerns like obesity, heart problems, growth imbalance, height and weight issues, stunted development, IQ problems and so much more. And the worst part is that most kids don’t eat the way we would like them to eat for their own health. It becomes so difficult to get down the essential vitamins and minerals down their throat of they have been growing up as -picky eaters’.

The right nutrition is the basic foundation to childrens health and hence a complete knowledge of how much and what and when your child should eat is a must. What is amazing here is that with just one mouse click, a concerned parent can learn so much of his/her child’s health and nutrition and that is by logging onto the dedicated services of globalpediatrician.com! While exploring the site, you will find that so many unanswered queries cropping in your mind time and again will be answered with a click and then taking care of your child would become comparatively simple.

Right from the pregnancy stage to childbirth to the development years of child, you can find a nutritional chart for all age groups. One must know that from the time of birth up to the age of three, children develop over 75% of their brain and thus the baby’s nutritional intake during these years should act like a bank. Plus, after the age of 2, the diet of your child should go down in fat content to avoid the chances of obeisity and heart diseases. Growing children up to the age of 5 would have about 90% of their brain developed and so a nutritional intake in those years is crucial; it must be full of proteins and carbohydrates to match the intensity with which the child makes use of his growing brain.