The importance of having a strict diet and education for your kids

There are a lot of articles on how to be the best parents, including some ill-advised suggestions and halfbaked witty sayings. some of these articles claim that being a strict parent does not augur well for a child’s wellbeing. This is not true. Giving your child complete leeway will ruin them more than build them up. Children have excesses that must be curbed or else they end up being exact opposites of ideal children. Education and diet are two major aspects of your child’s life and here is why you should be strict with them.

Healthy lives

Being strict with their diet helps them live healthy lives. Whoever wants to succeed in their lives must first succeed in their eating habits. You are what you eat; if you eat unhealthy foods, you will be unhealthy and vice versa. Besides, eating right provides you with the right amount of energy, mental alertness and enthusiasm you need to tackle your daily activities. If you allow your children to always eat what they feel like, in no time you will be taking them in and out of the hospital.  Also, you will raise weak and puny children who look more like large-sized toys around their robust counterparts. Also, your children will lack the needed drive to be vivacious and full of life as expected of kids, as they have no access to the nutrients meant to build hem up.

Learn right

Being strict with their education makes them learn right. Although live in a world where education is more advanced, easier and simpler, it is saddening to see that some kids do not have access to the right education. Overseeing the education of your kids not only push them to be more serious with their academics, but it also gives you the power to filter what they learn from what they should not learn. You should know that your kids’ education spans beyond what they learn in school. It includes what they watch on the televisi0on, what they listen to on the radio, what they hear others speak and do, etc. As much as you want your kids to be erudite, you should know that some information is poisonous to their wellness. This is what you protect them from when you are strict with their education. Children, by nature, are curious beings but it is your job to direct their curiosity towards profitable knowledge. However, being strict does not mean you should be harsh with them during their learning times. This will discourage them from learning. On the contrary, you should look for fun ways of helping them get education so that their interest will increase and not reduce. You can read national geographic magazine review to see how some parents use the magazine to make education time fun for their children.

Take responsibility

Being strict with their education and diet teaches them how to take responsibility for themselves. A lot of people who failed as adults today are the results of their parents being lackadaisical about their upbringing or giving them too much leeway when they were kids. When your kids see that there are rules that bound the human society, there is a reward for things done right as well as sanctions for things done wrong, they will adjust their ways accordingly. They will grow up into individuals who do not wait for others before taking the initiative to improve their lives. They will also become adults who find validation in themselves and not in the thing they have or people around them. They will not wait for the government or their family to do something for them. They will be total citizens of society and the joy of many people.

Become good parents

Being strict with their education and diet helps them become good parents too. When you are committed to the upbringing of your kids, you are sowing a seed whose fruits will be reaped across generations. Children are imitators and they grow up imitating bothers. Even after being fully-fledged adults, some people still keep on imitating others. In light of this, people are likely to treat their kids the same way their parents treated them while growing up. So if you want your bloodline to be a powerful one, you should put in the effort when bringing up your children. You will not only be proud of your kids, but you will be a proud grandparent too. Posterity will always remember you and bless you for laying down such a wonderful legacy, even when you are no more.

However, being strict does not overrule having a toxic relationship with your kids or not being great friends with them. It only means not tolerating their excesses and not giving them too much freedom that will eventually ruin them. Your children deserve your absolute love and commitment and they should never be in want of that!