Should you include cannabis in your diet?

Cannabis has actually proven to be quite useful in recent years. Many countries have started to legalize cannabis due to the benefits they offer and the way it can enhance your health. But here the question is, should you follow the same path as them? Would cannabis really improve your health in any way, or should you keep your previous diet intact? Well, this is what we are going to discuss now and see what benefits cannabis can offer.

But remember that the quality of cannabis products matters quite a lot. So make sure that you go for the stores like Love Hemp that can ensure quality and can offer you a wide variety of products. You can also read the ingredients and the way they produce the herbs to make all the things clear beforehand.

Top benefits of adding cannabis to your diet!

These are some of the best benefits of adding cannabis to your diet. So let’s have a look at them and see if you should also include them in your routine!

1.Anxiety-free life

Yes, cannabis products are quite effective in controlling anxiety and depression and offer you a relaxed experience. But if you think that anxiety will disappear from your life in an instant within a short period, then no, that is not going to happen. You will have to add cannabis products to your diet according to the prescription of a professional to keep things in a good state.

But yes, the overdose of marijuana or other cannabis products can adversely affect your health too. So it is better to keep it low and straightforward to avoid the significant consequences. If you do not know where to buy authentic cannabis products or from where to get a consultation, you can check out reviews online. There are probably hundreds of platforms such as that have a wide range of services listed on their platform. Users can search for the companies and check out reviews of any service they want.

2.Reduction in Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can surely make your life very troublesome. It can create pain literally anywhere in your body, and that is undoubtedly what you would not want. Well, the good thing is, cannabis products can help you reduce the chronic pain in your body. Several researchers have studied the benefits that have proven to be good for chronic pain. But do remember that only the products containing cannabinoids are effective for chronic pain.

3.Cure of disastrous conditions

Cannabis products can also help the body to prevent disastrous conditions from appearing. Even if there is a disease already in your body, cannabis might help your body from growing it further. The biggest example of it is cancer, as it has been researched that cannabis can be very useful for stopping the growth of cancer in your insides.


These are just a few benefits of cannabis that are mentioned here; there are many others that can serve you well. So it is better to include a small portion of cannabis in your diet and see how it works. But I also suggest consulting a professional to get a better idea.

The top 10 essentials to pack for your hiking trip

Hiking is an activity enjoyed by many people in Sweden. Hiking is a good way to enjoy nature, stay fit, as well as work on your mental health.

With as much as half of the overall population in Sweden doing some form of sport, it is clear that health and well-being is of the utmost importance.

When planning a hiking trip, there are a few essential items that you will need. While most of these can be purchased from various online grocery and sporting goods stores, finding one online shop that offers everything under one roof is convenient and will save you time in preparing for your hiking trip. While searching for online stores, take a look at, which is a Swedish review site that provides real customer feedback on a store.

The top 10 most essential items you will need for a hike or camping trip are:

1. Food/Nutrition

Food products should be easy and convenient to carry, prepare and consume, which is why things like protein bars and protein shakes from online companies such as Elite Nutrition are essential. These can provide you with the energy needed.

2. Water

Hydration is key, and you should always carry more than one container of fresh water. A water filtration device may come in handy if you are hiking or camping near a freshwater source.

3. Fire making tool

In the event of an emergency such as getting lost and having to spend the night outdoors, it is essential that you carry matches or a lighter with which to make a fire for warmth and cooking. While matches are more environmentally friendly, they can get wet or damaged in rain.

4. First Aid Kit

Always carry a first aid kit with items such as bandages, plasters, burn cream, a space blanket as well as bug spray or cream to prevent any nasty bites.

5. Sun Block

While a good dose of Vitamin D has its benefits, too much sun can cause damage to not only your skin but can also cause conditions such as heat stroke. Using a high factor SPF can guard against skin cancers and other skin problems caused by exposure to the sun.

6. Something warm

The weather can often be unreliable, and while you may plan your hike for a sunny day, anything can happen, and you should be prepared. By packing in a thermal jacket, beanie and gloves, you can ensure that you will be warm in the event that the weather changes or you get lost and become stranded outdoors overnight.

7. Navigation device

While a GPS device is ideal for hiking, they often need some form of mobile reception which is not always available. By carrying a paper map of the area, you will be hiking in, you can be sure that you will not get lost and can follow the trails. Make sure, however, that you have the most recent version of the map.

8. Emergency shelter

A tarp or small tent is essential in case of emergencies that see you needing to stay outdoors overnight. Most camping tents are small enough to fit into a backpack and can protect you from the elements.

9. Mini tool or repair kit

A multi-tool is the perfect thing to carry with you when you are camping. From cutting through brush or using it to repair a part of your kit, never go on a trip without your multi-tool.

10. Light source

In the event of an emergency or a night hike, always ensure that you have a light source such as a flashlight, as well as extra batteries.

A Guide to Buying Good Healthy French Cheese

It is undebatable, the French people love their cheese and wine, and I do too.

You are not the only one questioning how one can take diets saturated with fats but still maintain good health with an incredible life expectancy of 82 years.

In support of this, look at the rates of coronary heart diseases in France which are lower compared to other countries that intake lots of fats in their diet.

The secrets may well lay with how  French cheese are prepared or more specifically, what makes them different from other types of cheese. The combination of diet also plays a role.

For someone who is not a food expert, it may be a little bit hard to tell how to choose a good option to begin with. This is why I have combined a short guide to choosing the best cheese in France for you. This guide will also help me narrow down to the healthiest cheese.

How to buy a healthy French cheese

·    Reputation

While many people have different opinions depending on their preferences  Reading reviews and customer opinions will help you find out the best and the worst cheese companies in France.

Friendship sites like Amon Avis have a collection of reviews on French companies and it may interest you to look at them to see what other people think about their reputation based on the products they make.

·    Have the right tools

For those of you who want to prepare your homemade fresh and healthy French cheese, you may want to have the right tools for that.

If you have no idea where to begin your hand from kitchen items and the exact recipe for freshly prepared French cheese,  you may consider reading some reviews about homeware companies.

Feeling stuck? Read some reviews about Maspatule homeware companies and see whether their kitchen products are worth your money.

·    Nutritional content

On average every scene is high in fat sodium and calories. Cheese is meant to be an excellent source of protein calcium and other nutrients. Nonetheless,  a good cheese should maintain a balance between these nutrients.

·    Wine pairings and food pairings

When looking for a healthy cheese you may want to consider the type of food you want to accompany it with.

If you are looking to take a high-fat food then you may want to lower down the fat content in your cheese.

Of course,  when is an important part of a true French traditional dinner and you may want to have a cheese that matches with the type of wine you’re drinking.

·    Milk type

Cheese from goats milk is better than cheese from cow’s milk in terms of ease of digestion. When you compare lactose content in goat milk from the content found in cow’s milk it is significantly lower which is better for your health.

However, there is still some cheese made from cow’s milk that is much healthier than the ones made from goats’.

The milk type also determines the flavour and the texture of the cheese so depending on what you prefer,  you have to highly consider the milk type used in making which is.

Top healthy cheese in France:

1.  Camembert

Remember that the most consumed type of cheese in France.

The main reason why I categorise this as one of the healthiest cheeses in France is that There has been linked research that shows its benefits for cardiovascular health.

It aids in raising HDL cholesterol and either lower the LDL cholesterol (or it’s neutral)

 It is very low in lactose which translates to about 0.1 grams of lactose per serving. Penicillium camembert is the type of mould used in its preparation. The penicillium helps inhibit bacterial growth which helps in reducing any sort of inflammation in the body.

2.  Valbreso Feta

The cheese is from the southern part of France. It is made from 100% sheep’s milk. The sheep’s milk will make it have a sharper flavour with a creamier texture but will contain higher fat.

The overall nutritional content of Valbreso Feta is about at Cal 6 grams of protein is 5 grams of fat one gram of carbs and 370 mg of sodium and 10% of calcium.

Compared to many other types of cheese in France I find Valbreso feta as one of the healthiest cheeses especially because it is also great for lactose sensitive people. It also has a healthy balance of calcium and protein.

You can pair Valbreso feta with pasta because of the creaminess it has accompanied by sparkling wines or white wines.


Eating cheese saturated with fats is not How far is anything as long as you keep your servings on the low maybe 2 to three servings per day.