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Learn the Difference between Web Design and Web Development

So you need a website designed immediately, and you decided to search online for web designers near you, but then you start to see the words “Web developer” all over the place. Would you look for a web developer or a wed designer, or both? How do they differ from each other? Do you really have to employ two different entities to construct your website? In case you are currently in the same state, you may need a bit of help to sort out some terms. These two terms are closely connected, however, each field has a subtle focus on their own.

Web design is chiefly about how the website will look like, while web development mainly focuses on the works and functions of the website. Basically, a web designers’ job is to make a website layout with graphic software like Adobe Photoshop, after that the web developer will take the web design and make it functional and ready to use. The web developer is responsible for “building” the website based on the existing web design elements. Knowing the different types of tasks that the web designer and web developer can help you know the time and cost needed, and you can also negotiate quotes more effectively from you web designers.

There are times that web development go over the required tasks of writing markup and coding which compromise a web page. This can mean writing the content for a website, doing the client and server side development, e-commerce, mobile application, customer relations management, and content management systems. You might need to get all of these services or none at all, that depends on what your business demands. A lot of planning and continuous reference to your business are required in order to create a website successfully. In addition, you should also include social interactivity features because it is very useful especially in today’s time. Moreover, you should consider adding some feature such as social interactivity since it is almost a necessary requirement for growth particularly in today’s modern age. Aside from social interactivity features, search engine optimization (SEO) is just as important in order to boost your website’s rank in search engines and also maintaining it on top.

It is not hard to look for a company that provide all the services mentioned above and even more. These companies referred as digital companies, however, they are more commonly known to the public as web design firms. You can ensure that with an expert web development and design team your browsers can fully deliver the optimum serviceability through meticulous testing with the use of a variety of system and browsers. Additionally, digital agencies can build extranet and intranet facilities for your firm. Whatever interactive or digital that your company wants can be executed by a digital agency.

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