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What to Expect from Urogynecologists

When it comes to urogynecologists, you have to first learn as much as you can about them before you hire them. Basically, from the name urogynecologist itself, you will learn that it deals with the fields of both urology and gynecology. Thus, when women experience disorders in their pelvic region, they will be needing the help of these medical experts. A urogynecologist deals with the internal organs of the female body found within their pelvic area like the vagina, uterus, and bladder.

Your pelvic floor experiences a number of things that is why they can be affected negatively. Weakened pelvis as well as torn connective tissues caused by a variety of strenuous activities like straining the muscles excessively, childbirth, or menopause have all shown to cause these pelvic disorders. Some pelvic floor disorders are also the cause of some defective genes. Other causes of disorders include lifting very heavy weights on a regular basis, smoking a lot of cigarettes, and more lifestyle choices that the woman may make. When it comes to your pelvic area, it can go through a wide range of problems. Again, before you see a urogynecologist, you should know what you are getting yourself into and why you will need their help. Below are the essential roles that professional urogynecologists play that you should have some idea about.

When it comes to the issues that urogynecologists deal with, the most common is incontinence. Incontinence is a medical condition that may affect you. When you suffer from incontinence, you will not have any control anymore with your urination and defecation patterns. Now, if too much pressure is put up by your pelvic organs where they slip down, this condition is what you call pelvic prolapse. When you suffer from emptying issues, you can expect a urogynecologist to help in this regard. When it comes to emptying disorders, they are those that will let the woman have a hard time moving their bowel or urinating. Of course, you never want to be dealing with any of these disorders now and in the coming years. Seeking the advice of a professional urogynecologist is what you need when you feel as if you are suffering from any of these symptoms or disorders.

There are similar characteristics between pelvic disorders. One of the most common symptoms of these disorders will have to be pain. The pain that you feel may originate from your pelvis as a whole, your urethra, and your bladder. Having pain in the lower back is also a common issue.

Even if you seldom drink water and you are still always urinating, this only means that your bladder has become overactive. Again, this is a common pelvic floor issue. It is during these times that you need to seek the services of a reliable urogynecologist right away.

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